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The Ultimate Beginner's Guide to Writing a Book
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The Path to Fiction is a 90-page eBook that teaches you the fastest, easiest way to start writing a book.


It focuses on practical, step-by-step instructions for writing fiction that make starting your book effortless and enjoyable even if you're a first-time writer.


After reading this eBook, you will:

    > Know exactly where to begin when starting to write a book

    > Learn how to build a constant source of motivation, not

        rely on feeling inspired

    > Love your writing and feel confident in your work

    > Destroy your writer's block and banish it for good

    > And much more!

You will get immediate access to exercises you can implement right away, examples to help solidify your learning, and templates and guides that show you exactly how to get started on your book.

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  • Discover what MOTIVATES you so you can start writing now

  • Learn how to CONQUER your writer's block

  • GET ANSWERS to your writing questions

  • Learn to be CONFIDENT in your work and LOVE your stories

  • Optimize your writing process so you KNOW WHERE TO START

  • Learn to write FASTER and EASIER

  • GENERATE IDEAS for stories that you're excited to write about

  • Connect with your readers on a DEEPER emotional level

  • Create characters and worlds that feel REAL and ALIVE

​- Plus 2 Bonuses -

  • Access planning outlines and  templates to ACCELERATE your writing

  • HONE your skills with 30 daily writing prompts, all specially designed to BUILD GOOD WRITING HABITS and give you practice with the techniques discussed in the eBook

- Both bonuses are included in your purchase -

So, what are you waiting for? Ready to start fulfilling your dream of writing a book?



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You don't need prior writing experience to understand this eBook, and you don't need to drop tens of thousands of dollars on writing classes like I did for my Creative Writing degree.


The Path to Fiction teaches you motivational skills, habit building skills, and writing techniques so you can

start writing immediately and learn to write full-length novels even if you don't know what to write yet.

There's no fluff and no wasted time. I cut right to the practical instructions and easy-to-follow exercises so you can start writing today.


Discover how The Path to Fiction has helped other first-time writers fulfill their dreams.

Several Open Books

"At first, I was skeptical about buying this book. I've taken writing classes and didn't think you could get a better learning experience than that. But after reading the book, I have to admit, when you compare the price of The Path to Fiction with the price of writing classes, well... let's just say there's no comparison. I can't believe how many important things I wasn't taught in my classes."


Eric J.

Fremont, California

Wondering why The Path to Fiction is so effective?

The Path to Fiction works for first-time writers because it tackles issues all artists eventually face but seldom

learn to handle.

Below are the issues that most commonly plague new writers that The Path to Fiction will help you identify and overcome.

Click the arrows to learn more about each issue.

You’ve always wanted to write a book but don’t know where to start.

You find it hard to write when you aren't feeling inspired.

You suffer from writer's block or lack of motivation.

You can't get yourself to write consistently every day or even most days.

You feel embarrassed about your writing and don't want others to read your work.

You think others are usually better at writing than you are.

You don't know what kind of book you want to write.

You have trouble coming up with ideas for stories.

You have questions like, "What kind of outline should I use?" or "How should I format my story?" and your uncertainty keeps you from writing.

You lose interest in your stories halfway through writing them.

The characters you write are typically lacking in depth or complexity.

You don't know how to build a world that feels real and alive.


Join the others who have fulfilled their writing dreams, and start writing your first book today.

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You're just a few clicks away from accessing all the tools, tips, and techniques you need to

start working toward your writing dreams!


With your purchase, you can instantly download the eBook, The Path to Fiction, plus BOTH bonuses, "Templates and Guides" and "The 30-Day Writing Prompt Challenge."

Not quite ready to get started?

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The Path To Fiction will give you the skills to write the story you want to tell. It includes many techniques, strategies, and exercises to help you get started and become a better writer.
I go over every topic you need to learn to begin writing your book and include many practical,

easy-to-follow exercises to help you start writing as easily and quickly as possible.

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Click the images below to take a look inside the eBook.



My name is Corinne Farren. Just like you, I've always wanted to be a writer.

I went to college for four years to get my Bachelors degree in Creative Writing and still was not the writer I wanted to be.

Unfortunately, the schooling I received killed my desire to write altogether. Or at least, that's what I thought at the time.

After later studying habit building and adult learning theory, I began pursuing a career in instructional design, developing employee training for major corporations.

But throughout this time, a feeling kept nagging at me: I was wasting my knowledge in writing.

I wanted to help adults with no prior experience unlock their creative power and pursue a dream they might otherwise be unable to pursue, i.e. creative writing and eventually crafting the book they've always dreamed of writing.

Helping adults learn new skills is what I do, after all.

So finally, after many years of research in writing, drawing, language, and adult learning theory, after learning how to study art and understanding it through many different lenses, I compiled every tool, tip, and technique that has helped me become a better writer. I now present that compilation to you as The Path To Fiction.

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Wollongong, New South Wales

To be honest, I bought this book more out of curiosity than a desire to make me a better writer. I didn't think I needed help being a better writer. The chapter on motivation made me realize I was making a lot of excuses for not writing more. It was a huge eye-opener.


Pensacola, Florida

This book gave my writing practices a huge boost, but it wasn't just that - a lot of the concepts the book talks about apply to other parts of your life. It teaches you about building habits, motivating yourself, loving what you create, and pushing yourself to produce your best work.


Newton, Massachusetts

I thought the life of a writer sounded great. I never considered myself to be all that creative, so it seemed like that life wasn't open to me. The Path to Fiction helped me find tons of ideas. I have a journal full of them now. Never thought that would happen! Definitely a worthwhile purchase.

I know firsthand how difficult it can be to write with writer's block, motivation coming and going, doubting your writing, feeling inferior to your peers - all these obstacles make it impossible to write.

I know how hard it can be when you aren't even sure how to get started in the first place.

Once I took action and implemented everything I discuss in The Path To Fiction, I was able to sit down and write for hours without struggling. Writing became effortless and relaxing, and I was enjoying it again.

While your struggles may stem from different issues than mine, we have one important thing in common: we both want to write a book.

I would love the opportunity to walk you through the same path I took to become a better writer. 


Together, we'll get you started right now writing the story you want to tell. 

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